“Choose LIFE, Don’t Choose Abortion, Don’t Say ‘Yes’ To The PILL.”


Personal Testimony of Rose Nadeau on the ‘Birth Control Pill’

 Hi every one, My name is Rose Nadeau. This image has convicted me of the many years  I took the Birth Control pill. I started taking the pill when I was sixteen years old.

I have paid a few consequences since then. My marriage ended in divorce and in 1998 when I was forty-eight I was diagnosed with breast cancer due to taking the Birth Control pill at such an early age. Raising two children as a single parent were years filled with consequences from my poor choices in life.

When I look at all of the babies in this picture I can’t help but wonder how many children I killed. Beautiful innocent babies whom I could have given birth to. I chose the ‘Culture of Death’ on the day I stepped foot in the doctor’s office for the first time to ask him if he would prescribe me the birth control pills.

I took the pill for about 15 years. That could have amounted to be 15 more children that I could have had. When I look back in my old age that is a lot of blessings these children could have been for me today. When we decide to take the pill we only think of the present moment and how having another child could put a damper on our present life style but do we think of the many blessings that could have been showered upon us from future generations which will never be.

Today I live a life of chastity.  No sex, no more need for pills.

It grieves me to look back and see all the grandchildren and the generations of great  grandchildren and great  great grandchildren I could have had today if I would have made the right and Godly choice back then. I could have chosen to practice Natural Family Planning should my marriage have survived.

Instead I listening to what the world tried to tell me was the right thing to do, I should  have followed Christian teachings on this topic.

It took this picture to realize the truth and the fact that I committed sin against the Commandment of “Thou Shall Not Kill”.

It is too late for me to save  the generations of children I lost, all I can do is to repent of my sin and ask God to have mercy on me. It is not too late for you. Choose life, don’t choose abortion, don’t say ‘yes’ to the pill. Visit your local Priest and ask him who you can speak to about practising  ‘Natural Family Planning’ or live a chaste lifestyle until you find your soul mate and get married. Or consecrate yourself to Jesus and live a single life style as priest, religious or laity.

I chose to consecrate myself to God and I have been living a  life of chastity and penance for the past thirty years.

God have mercy on me, God have mercy on you and the many young people in today’s society who are choosing the Culture of Death by choosing abortion and the pill. Choose Life and not Death for your babies, my friends. May Almighty God give you the wisdom to make the right choices in your life.  God bless you,

Rose Nadeau.

P.S: to understand how the “PILL” kills the unborn at the very beginning stages of life please read the following article……




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