“Heaven’s Cuddle Dolls: The Story Behind Them.” by Rose Nadeau

IMG_3031[1]Please let me take this time to share with you why I felt the call to start making religious dolls of Jesus, Mary and the Saints for the little children in our world. I have an urgent need to evangelize our little children.

In Matthew 19:14: “But when Jesus saw this he was indignant and said to them, “Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

I have been watching some children, and even my own grandchildren and many other children in our world, in our churches and schools getting further and further away fro  God.

(PHOTO BELOW: Virgin Mary  with Baby Jesus and Saint Joseph)


Prayer, in many schools has been taken out, Crosses have been stripped from the walls in public places. Bibles have been taken out of Motel rooms. Merry Christmas is turning into ‘Happy Holiday’ wishes.

I could go on and on with stories about how anything that has to do with Christianity is being slowly stripped out of our society. Christians are being discriminated against and persecuted throughout many places in the world for standing up for their faith in God.

Yet, it is persistently the Christians who are the ones that are doing so much good in our world, building schools, hospitals, opening homeless shelters, feeding the poor and so on.

All the good works we do as Christians and we are being frowned upon. Fewer and fewer children are attending church and they are not praying at home. What are the end results that we are seeing from all of this?

Youth suicides are growing at an alarming rate. More and more children are getting into trouble with drugs, alcohol and sex, with abortions killing children in the mothers wombs every day.

(PHOTO BELOW: Blessed Mother Teresa)


I had a little conversation with God about the problems in our society today and I asked Him what Iittle thing I can do with the time and talent He has given to me in order to make the future of our world a little better. How can I teach our young people the importance of the Faith in their lives.

As a child myself while growing up I did not have much Faith. I did not have dolls that my Mom and Dad could buy me to tell me who Jesus and Mary was and tell me stories about the lives of the Saints.

I did not know any prayers or even what it meant to pray. All this ignorance led me down many dark tunnels and dead end streets that left me broken, homeless and in despair.

I found my Faith late in life, but today, after experiencing many hardships I realize how valuable and important Faith can be with Jesus in my life. Jesus has been the treasure I found and I wish I had met and known Him when I was a little six year old girl.

I cannot do anything about what I didn’t know back then but I can help my grandchildren today to find Jesus much sooner than I did. My Faith gave me so much hope, love and joy. Without it I would have never had the courage and perseverance to go through my trials in life.

Everyone of us are going to experience some sort of hardships in life at some point in time. It could be divorce, a terminally ill disease. It could be the loss of a loved one.

(PHOTO BELOW: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha)


Without Faith, many of us think of suicide as the only way out. What children learn at an early age will stay with them throughout their life. They may leave the Faith for a while but most of them will come back and remember that special doll and the stories and prayers that Mom or Grandma shared with them.

These dolls that I have created is meant to help our children find the Faith they will need, a Faith that will be their Ark of safety and their pillar of strength when the cold winds of suffering and trials come as they get older.

These dolls will instill the Faith in our children at an early age and this Faith will remain with them throughout their life. Our children depend on us today to make their world a little better in the future.

Faith will help them grow up to withstand any problem they may encounter through troubled times. When trials come in their life they will have the hope and love that God brought into the world.

They will know about the Angels and Saints and Jesus and Mary and Joseph. They will get them through their troubled times.

There are enough toys on the market that teach nothing but violence to our children. Why can’t I offer Holy toys that parents can choose to buy for their children and grandchildren.

These toys will teach them about the life of Jesus and the story about the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus, about the Holy men and women who did great things for God while they were on earth. These stories are true stories, not fables or make-believe.

(PHOTO BELOW: Saint Dominic)


This is why I felt compelled to persevere with this ministry to evangelize our little children. Our little children are our ‘future church’, our future doctors, nurses, lawyers, priests and nuns.

We must get in the fight and begin instilling in them the gift of Faith today or we will lose this world into Satan’s hands, and he will continue to destroy our children with his evil toys which promote violence, and evil music that promotes sex and bad language.

I could go on and on, but you get the message. You know and are aware of the many evils out there. I do not have to spell them out. There is a saying that states that the greatest evil in our world is good people that are doing nothing.

This little ‘Heaven’s Cuddle Dolls’ business may be just a little seed of good that I am planting in our world but with lots of prayers behind it miracles will happen.The greatest miracle is the gift of Faith in the little hearts of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren long after we leave this world.

Please purchase a doll for your children today. If you don’t have a little child perhaps you know of someone who does have a child who needs to ‘cuddle up’ to Jesus and Mary. Donate a cuddle doll to a less fortunate child. Start your ‘Heaven’s Cuddle Dolls’ Collection today.

(PHOTO BELOW:  Our Lady Of Mount Carmel)


Please pray for this ministry as I embark on this call to participate in the work of the New Evangelization. Please pray for a renewal of Faith in the hearts of our little children. Please pray for the volunteers who labour in a work of love, making the Cuddle Dolls and most of all for the children who will be receiving these dolls.

God Bless you,

Rose Nadeau,

Designer and Founder of
Heaven’s Cuddle Dolls.

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Rose Nadeau



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