Sex-Ed In Ontario Schools; Parents Beware!

Plato once said: “No one is hated more than he who speaks the truth.” I am one who speaks the truth, in love, because I hate to see people living a lifestyle of self-destruction and an unnatural one besides that. As Dr. Ann E. Gillies has so well said: “This has become an era of the denial of truth, denial of science, and the denial of reason. Truth has become subservient and subject to how a person feels.”

 So there you have It, ‘feelings’ trump truth, science and reason! I agree 100% with Dr. Ann E. Gillies. Society has flipped. We see this reality every day in the news, especially in regards to transgenderism. Most people bow to political correctness on issues related to sex.

I recently read Dr. Gillies’s book, “Closing the Floodgates: setting the record straight about genders and sexuality.” This book in my opinion should be required reading be every school trustee, teacher and parents. Reading it would be a huge wake-up call, to reverse engines and protect our children from liberal sex-ed in our schools.

Dr. Ann Gillies explains so well how we have come to be a sex-obsessed society. She refers a lot to ‘Alfred Kinsey’ and his Institute of Sex Research. As Ann has said about Kinsey: “It seems Kinsey’s goal was two-fold. Firstly, to change society’s view on what ‘normal’ sexuality is and secondly to establish himself as the world’s foremost sex-researcher. He accomplished both.” (Pg 7)

  Here is a little snapshot of who Kinsey was from Dr. Gillies perspective: “Apparently, Kinsey wasn’t just an observer but an active, enthousiastic participant.Other areas of interest to Kinsey included bestiality, pedophilia and group sex.” (pg 18)

“Kinsey’s personal life of obvious adultery, bi-sexual promiscuity and sadomasochistic tendencies became the catalyst for his biased research.”

Here is my summary of Dr. Gillies’s description of Kinsey in just a few words:”Kinsey was a sex-obsessed pervert who wanted society to become sex-obsessed also.”

Dr. Gillies has described sexual addiction such as pornography, as the ‘flood of the Century’. Kinsey has had a great share in the making of this sexual flood. The other party responsible for this sexual flood is the LGBT group. LGBT, today have a profound influence on children.

They have entered our schools when Kathleen Wynne, the lesbian Premier of Ontario was in power. LGBT have also entered the Vatican. The Catholic Church is infested with homosexual/pedophile clergy from the top down. It is all being made public now. Pope Francis sided with the LGBT by appointing homosexual Cardinals, Bishops and Priests in strategic positions of power in the Church. For more info on the LGBT in the Catholic Church

go to

For decades past the LGBT have had a goal of reaching our children to convert them to the homosexual lifestyle. I quote a homosexual by the name of Michael Swift:”We shall SODOMIZE your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall SEDUCE them in your SCHOOLS, on your dormitories, in your gymnasium, in your locker rooms, in your sports arena, in your seminaries, in your truck stops, in your all-new clubs, in your House of Congress, wherever men are with men together. ( A Homosexual Standard, 1987) (Emphasis mine)

I have written a short but comprehensive article on the homosexual lifestyle. You may read it at .It is titled ‘Homosexuality’. The subtitle is: “Homosexuality: Sinfull, Therefore, Deadly Lifestyle and Worldwide, ‘The Real Homosexual Agenda’: Seduce and Recruit Our Children.The title shows clearly my intent. I won’t elaborate except to say that in the articleI prove that homosexuality is a SINFUL and deadly lifestyle and the goal of LGBT is to seduce and Recruit Our Children in the schools at the youngest age possible.

It has been said: “Get them very young and you have a homosexual for life.” This is the LGBT strategy in Ontario executed under the former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum. Thank God the Conservative Party took over and the sex-education curriculum is being re-structured with the input of parents. In my opinion sex education should be taught to children by their parents. No one knows the children better than Mom and Dad. 

The organization, PAFE, Parents As First Educators, has been spearheading this battle against the sex-obsessed sex-ed program in schools. Please give your support and join forces with PAFE in this intense battle for the souls of our children.

Parents have the moral duty to protect their children from sexual addictions such as pornography, prostitution, masturbation, homosexuality and transgenderism, etc. The consequences of a promiscuous lifestyle are deadly; they include sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), feelings of anxiety, depression, suicide, substance abuse, emotional deregulation, etc. Sexual abuse is rampant today.

Our children must be protected from this abuse. As Dr. Gillies has said in her book:”The experience of child sexual abuse TRIPLES the likelihood of later homosexual orientation.” (pg 85)

mIn this politically correct world where feelings trump truth (e.g. transgenderism) parents must be brave and stand firm and fight this evil sexual onslaught against our children.

Dr. Gillies said it so well: “We will either capitulate to the sexual ethics of the world’s system or we will stand firm in our understanding about the binary categories of MALE and FEMALE and the normalcy of heterosexuality if for no other reason than the survival of our society and eventually the human race itself.” (Closing The Floodgates, pg 149) (Emphasis mine)

Note: For anyone who thinks that the transgender lifestyle is cool I invite you to hear the reality of it at . Former transgenders tell their story.

A free for all life of sex, outside the bounds of Holy Matrimony is one of the surest paths to Hell. Our Lady of Fatima, in her appearances in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 warned the world. She said: “More souls go to Hell because of the sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” (C.f. ) For anyone who doubts the existence of Hell I invite them to, to the blog and read “More souls Go To Hell Because of the Sins of the Flesh than for any Other Reason; Our Lady Of Fatima Message To The World.” Therein you will hear testimonies of people who saw Hell.

And I close by quoting a phrase I have often read on one of Fr. Tony Van Here’s signs on Parliament Hill in Ottawa:

“Without God We Self-destruct.”

Canadians, it is urgent, it is high time to repent and turn to God, to His Son, Jesus Christ. Then we will save our souls, save our children, our families and our Nation of Canada.

Donald Andre Bruneau. B.Th, M.P.Th.