“How I Was Led To Found The ‘Movement In Favor Of Life’.”

guadalupe Here is a remarkable book that speaks to us of the hopes of our Heavenly Mother and Her Son as well as their merciful loving plan for our Canada.

The one who declares herself as “Mother and Mistress of the Movement In Favor Of Life”  tells us nothing less than the end of abortion in Canada.

Surprised and skeptical many will refuse to believe in this prophetic announcement. They will prefer to believe that the author dreamt it or is disilusional. 

In order to take this story seriously and give it the credibility it deserves one must resolutely adopt a vibrant faith.

The author himself is very surprised by this project that the Virgin Mary clearly asked him to write about on July 7, 1996. Here is how she presented the request:

“It is I, my child, who have put it on your heart to write a book for me. With this book, my child, you will make known throughout Canada this Great Work that I am entrusting to you and that I am accomplishing through you, my little cherished instrument. Yes, my child, you are one of my cherished treasures. Through you, I take pleasure and feel much Love in acting upon the hearts of a multitude of my children.

This book that you will write under my Motherly direction will touch the hearts of my cherished children that I so love. It will shake up a great number of them. It is in my name that you will write it…..”

During his personal journey the author received words and signs that have stretched out over a period of eight to nine years.

Many of these inspired words and many signs have already proven themselves to be true and continue to call forth the hearts and spirits of those who walk in faith.  The author recognizes how blessed he has been through the writing of this book.

Now, in 2014, he realizes even more so the goodness of God towards him as He used him in a real and intimate union with His Mother, our Heavenly Mother, and in this particular case, Our Lady Of Guadalupe.

Words cannot express just how much he has been blessed by the Lord and how God’s love fills him with joy and gratitude.

Early on the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary predicted the wonderful spiritual transformation that they would accomplish in their chosen vessel.

Today the author recognizes the realization of many of the prophecies that concern his very own life. He realizes even more so to what degree we have reason to put our total trust in the Lord and our Heavenly Mother.

It is when we put our full trust in the Lord and that we totally abandon our life into His hands that He transforms us for our greater good.

We understand just how true it is that only God can bless us beyond our dreams. Let us all pray with a very fervent and sincere heart so that the Hour of the Holy Spirit and of our Mother Mary will arrive.

On page 71 of this book it states:

“Do not let yourself be discouraged by the current obstacles and resistance, dear children. When the Time has come, I will overcome them in union with my Mother. As I have promised you, abortion will be overcome in your beautiful and dear Canada. My Mother and I will overpower it, we will abolish it, but we need all of your efforts, all your prayers, your tenacity and total and absolute confidence.”


Renald Veilleux

For the ‘Movement In Favour of Life’.



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About Donald

Donald Andre Bruneau is a Metis, Canadian, Traditional Catholic, evangelist, writer, poet, Married 51+ years, pro-LIFE, exposer of Evil, proclaimer of Truth.

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