Open Letter to Catholic Clergy re Your SILENCE in the Face of Deadly Covid19 Vaccines.

How much longer will you, the Catholic Clergy, remain SILENT in the face of the greatest GENOCIDE against all humanity by the use of the Deadly Covid19 Vaccines.


“Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself.

God will not hold us guiltless.



Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


If you do not believe that the Covid-19 Vaccines are a GENOCIDAL BIOWEAPON, then read these three excellent sources of TRUTH about the Covid19 Vaccines.

  1. Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey. By Peter R. Breggin, MD., Ginger Ross Breggin.
  2. The Covid-19 Vaccines and Beyond. By Sally Jaxon, JD, Deborah Viglione, James A. Thorp, MD.
  3. PFIZER DOCUMENTS ANALYSIS REPORTS. By Dr. Naomi Wolf and Daily Clout Team.

So many vaccinated people do not know that they can DETOX from the vaccines, which day by day are destroying their immune system. Detoxing will put a stop to the destructive effects of the C19 vaccines. DETOX information can be obtained by going to…. and inserting “detox, vaccine” in the search bar. Dozens of truthfilled videos will be there available to listen to.

Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Pope Francis, you are each and everyone of you…shepherds….and most of you, since Covid-19 began, have remained SILENT in the face of this horrific, deadly Genocide.

Your SILENCE has allowed many of your sheep to be slaughteted and permanently injured by the vaccines.

You will have no excuse before Jesus Christ on your PERSONAL DAY OF JUDGMENT.

Repent now, and speak up! Warn your parishioners, your sheep.

God have Mercy,

Donald Andre Bruneau,


June 12, 2023.

Feast of Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About Donald

Donald Andre Bruneau is a Metis, Canadian, Traditional Catholic, evangelist, writer, poet, Married 51+ years, pro-LIFE, exposer of Evil, proclaimer of Truth.