That’s it! It is rugged, tough and beautiful!

I was recently ‘gifted’ with a rosary of my choice, by my wife, for our 53rd Wedding Anniversary.

While doing my search on the internet for a strong rosary I came across .

When I saw the blue St. Benedict rosary, I said: “That’s it! It is rugged, tough and beautiful!”

I ordered it. It arrived quickly, well packaged and the price was right. Enclosed with my RuggedRosary were some small laminated cards. One of them particularly got my attention: it showed a man firmly holding a rosary and the words “This is my WEAPON!” next to it.

Yes, the rosary is a mighty weapon for the pulling down of evil strongholds. We are in spiritual warfare, daily faced with all kinds of evils.

I have developed the habit many years ago of praying my rosary as I walk (and I walk a lot). It is a daily habit ever since my pilgrimage in 1989 to a Marian apparition site located in Medjugorge, Bosnia. During my three unforgettable days in Medjugorge I never prayed the rosary so much in my life! This grace, this habit has never left me.

As I walk, holding and praying my rosary I am very aware of something I often tell people in conversation: “The walls have ears and the windows have eyes.”

This means, “Someone is always watching and us.”

A few days ago, soon after getting my blue RuggedRosary, I was walking towards McDonald’s restaurant. A man I met suddenly yelled out at me: “I want one of those! Where did you get it?!” He was tall, tattoed, rough looking and in the process of getting off of drugs. So, I shared with him the Gospel and the power of prayer with the rosary and gave him the website where I purchased my rosary. His reactions, his smile showed his consciousness of having made a great discovery.

I invite you to be a *witness for Jesus and Mary. When you walk, bring your rosary.

Remember, “The walls have ears, the windows have eyes.” Opportunities are birthed, as you walk and pray holding your WEAPON.

Joseph Donald Andre Bruneau,

Timmins, Ontario,


June 5, 2024.

About Donald

Donald Andre Bruneau is a Metis, Canadian, Traditional Catholic, evangelist, writer, poet, Married 51+ years, pro-LIFE, exposer of Evil, proclaimer of Truth.

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