To All Prolifers: Open Letter Re: Vaccines & Vaxinfertility.

“Without PROGENY, Death is Final for the Whole ‘Human’ Race.”

I speak as a veteran prolife advocate.


Before I proceed, let me be clear: I am not a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I am a well informed realist who has done proper research on the adverse effects of the DEADLY Covid19 VACCINES aka BIOWEAPONS.

Summarized, my crucially important message to all prolife leaders and prolifers is this:

“All prolifers need to learn the Truth that the goal of those evil people advocating for Vaccines for all humans, is to destroy at least 90% of ‘humanity’ and…render all vaxxed females and males INFERTILE, now and for the generations to come.

The goal of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the WHO (World Health Organisation) et al, is to use Vaccines and Synthetic biology to TRANSFORM ‘Humans’ created in the ‘Imago Dei’ into ‘Transhumans, Cyborgs’ controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

I invite you to go to , to the blog and read:

“Without PROGENY Death is Final for the Whole Human Race.”

Also go to DAILYCLOUT and obtain the book or e-book titled:


which gives undeniable proof that the V19 vaccines are DEADLY.

During Covid19 I coined a new word:


Vaxinfertility is caused by being jabbed by the DEADLY VACCINES.

It is a TSUNAMI OF DEATH against all of ‘humanity’ now and also against future generations THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN, but will not because the main goal of the C19 vaxxes is death, disability and INFERTILITY of the ‘human’ race.

For proof of this please go to ( where videos are NOT censored) and insert the following words in the search bar:

-stillbirths….dead babies…vaxxed babies…baby funerals…infertility…vaccines.

Watch several videos of each word search and you will learn the TRUTH about the vaccines and vaxinfertility.

Soon there will be NO BABIES TO ABORT. The only ‘human’ babies born will be via ‘pureblood parents’ (unvaxxed) who will cherish, treasure and love their babies created in the ‘Imago Dei’.

Donald Andre Bruneau.

August 12, 2023.

About Donald

Donald Andre Bruneau is a Metis, Canadian, Traditional Catholic, evangelist, writer, poet, Married 51+ years, pro-LIFE, exposer of Evil, proclaimer of Truth.

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