My Reflections On The 100,000 “Pink and Blue” Flags On Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.


On October 2, 2014 I was walking on Metcalf Street towards Parliament Hill, Ottawa, to do my daily abortion protests with my graphic abortion signs.

As I looked across Wellington Street I was stunned to see a very unusual sight, so pleasing to my eyes. It was  ‘pink and blue’  on the lawn located inside the stone wall that divides Wellington Street and Parliament Hill. To my right and to my left as far as I could see was a colourful sight ‘extraordinaire’!

My immediate question was: “What is the purpose of this beautiful panorama? Suddenly I saw two young teens carry a big sign which had the logo of ‘’ and realized immediately that it was a gigantic abortion protest!

Close to 100 volunteers planted 100,000 pink and blue flags in the grass in the early morning. Volunteers were handing out postcards with a very sobering message to tourists and Members of Parliament and staff. The message on each postcard was:


“Each flag represents one abortion in Canada = 100,000 babies dying each year.

Canada is one of only three countries in the world with no legal protection for pre-born children.”

On the reverse side of the card it read:


>the Supreme Court of Canada did not rule in favor of unrestricted abortion; they looked to Parliament to enact a new law.

>like all other Democratic countries, Canada must begin to protect pre-born human rights.”


So many Canadians are ignorant of these facts!

Now this ‘sea of pink and blue’ which is a beautiful and precious sight under normal circumstances, broke my heart as I realized that each flag represents a unique baby girl or boy who never had a chance to be born, to even see the face of its mother and father….because the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and most politicians insist that women must have the ‘right to choose’. Yes, women must have the right to ‘choose to KILL’, to abort, tear apart, piece by piece the ‘unwanted’ baby in their womb.


During the day I took many photos of this but I believe the most important photo is the one of me standing ‘amidst’ the 100,000 flags representing the 100,000 unborn babies butchered in the womb. As you look at the photo you can see on my sign how babies are horrendously aborted.

Now, ‘who’ was I standing next to, if they had been allowed to live? Was it a future pro-life Prime Minister, or a Pope, or another Mother Teresa? Or was it the ‘greatest of them all’, a ‘pro-life MOM’, who unselfishly loves and gives of herself to her children and ‘forms’ them with Dad’s help, toIMG_2057[1]

So there I stood amongst the 100,000 aborted babies to honor them, to grieve for them, the precious unborn, destroyed, robbed of the gift of LIFE. This has left me with a desire to re-affirm my commitment to God and to them, to abandon myself wholeheartedly to God’s Will and His plan to end this atrocious ‘Culture of Death’.

I commend ‘Mike Schouten’ and all those wonderful pro-life volunteers who made this extraordinary ‘witness for LIFE’ possible! God has many more ‘surprises’ for us if we will only get on bended knees and seek His face and listen and receive His wisdom and our marching orders and fit into God’s pro-life Plan.

God gives to each of us a ‘unique pro-LIFE Mission’ if we will only abandon ourselves into His hands and be His instruments to put an end to the ‘river of innocent unborn blood’ that is running through Canada.

I give you a ‘Vision’ my people, my pro-life Canadians:

“Can you see one day, on Parliament Hill, returning, but not to plant 100,000 pink and blue flags, but to bring 100,000 smiling little children on these same lawns and give each precious little boy and girl a bouquet of pink or blue flowers to ‘wave in the air’ as they look to Heaven and sing a ‘thank you dear Lord, and Mom for the gift of LIFE!….because there will no longer be a ‘Culture of Death’! That day is coming!”

Donald Andre Bruneau, October 3, 2014.

About Donald

Donald Andre Bruneau is a Metis, Canadian, Traditional Catholic, evangelist, writer, poet, Married 51+ years, pro-LIFE, exposer of Evil, proclaimer of Truth.

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